• Stress and fatigue management online courses
    Account managers for a manufacturing company who are out on the road dealing with Architects and construction sites. Sorry probably would have helped if I mentioned that in the first place.
  • "Digital" OHSMIS - Occupational Health & Safety Systems used by companies in NZ?
    We used Assura for a few years, but found it to be a bit too technical for some of our operators to use, and found that no H&S issues or events ever got entered unless the H&S Coordinator stood there and helped the operators enter it in. It has a huge range of options, I don't think we used it 100% correctly to be honest but we also found it was way to involved and in depth for what we wanted.
  • LPG Handlers Certificate for forklift drivers
    Looks like its head down bum up for me to get all my guys trained up.
    Little bit frustrating they have to do 2 different trainings to be able to drive an LPG forklift, but it is what it is.
    Luckily our LPG provider has given us online modules and a questionnaire for free.

    I appreciate all your comments and offers guys, so thank you :-)
  • LPG Handlers Certificate for forklift drivers
    Hi Matt, strangely enough the certifier doesn't offer the training as that was the first thing I thought too - just them trying to get more $ out of us. They suggested an online course provided by OnGas which is a paid course.
    We did supply the certifier the documents that our forklift trainers use in regards to LPG and it just wasn't enough. They didn't cover a bunch of things i.e. substance toxicity and how toxins affect the body (which to be honest I didn't really think a forklift company should do?)
    Our forklift providers said their training courses are approved by Competenz to ensure they teach operators everything that is required. So either we now have to pay for a forklift licence as well as training on handling LPG separately or forklift trainers need to up their game and add more training in about LPG?
  • LPG Handlers Certificate for forklift drivers
    Hi Brian, yes I have been looking into what's needed and what our forklift training providers supply, luckily we have been offered a free Forklift LPG course by our LPG provider which is awesome. Its just frustrating that I now need to go train over 60 operators in 3 different shifts (quickly) in order to get our dangerous goods compliance.
    I was just wondering how many other companies have had/are having this issues as well.
  • LPG Handlers Certificate for forklift drivers
    Hi Darren, luckily all our guys need to do is exchange the bottles, we pay for our LPG provider to swap out empty bottles.