• Brooke
    Hi All,

    Looking for a bit of advise here, I am currently doing a Diploma in Health and Safety Level 6, I was wondering given I am undertaking a diploma is there any value in doing the NEBOSH General Cert when this sits at a lower level?

    Are there advantages or would I just be duplicating work?

    Thanks in advance for any help/guideance and opinions.
  • Matthew Bennett
    Hi Brooke.

    From pure qualifications framework perspective an L6 diploma is a 'higher' qualification than the NEBOSH cert, although not exactly an apples to apples comparison. Beyond that, it is a little more of 'what is the purpose / goal of the study'? And the match between that and the qualification will be very dependent on the training provider.

    I did the NEBOSH IGC in a blended model (group / classroom time and self-directed study) and absolutely loved it - was very beneficial. I then went on to do the NEBOSH Int'l Diploma in an almost entirely remote format. I found this a very challenging format, however the content is excellent - very comprehensive and principles based, rather than regulatory focused. I was able to augment the curriculum with practical application and previous work experience. NEBOSH has an advantage of being widely recognized, so if the goal is future employment opportunities it is worth considering.

    Hope that helps.
  • Brooke

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the feedback, my goal/purpose is purely learning and understanding. I am in a health and safety role now although have just started, my background is Quality for 15+ years with the last approx 10 in management. I have had expsure through those roles and as being a senior manager to H&S.

    In terms of other employement opportunities I am not looking as just started in my role and I have no desire to move overseas where I can see this being useful.

    So I guess what I am looking for is will NEBOSH given me other knowledge which I may not get from my diploma?

    Appreciate your feedback.

  • TracyRichardson
    Hi Brooke

    You have a good background to integrate with safety.

    I would recommend doing the diploma and then follow through with the NEBOSH if you are interested in travelling overseas.

    I would recommend a course in ISO 45001 as this standard will be the go to. The standard is very similar to ISO 9001 so should align well with your studies

  • Chris Hyndman
    The way these qualifications were described to me was that the NEBOSH Gen Cert opens the door to H&S, while the Diploma gives you a big two handed shove into the room :grin:

    My experience is that they supplement each other pretty well, NEBOSH for hazard management and the Diploma for the systems side of things. If time/cost is not an issue then I see no reason not to flow against the usual qualification tide as you will learn something new.
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